Donate to Converse Access Television

We graciously accept the following types of donations:

  1. Donate used or new videocassettes of all sizes (videocassettes, digital videocassettes- DVM60, MiniDV, SHG, VHS-C, 3/4" U-Matic, etc.
  2. New and used DVD and CD discs.
  3.  Financial support (we currently can accept checks sent to our address).  We are part of the non-profit 501 (c) 3, your donation may be tax deductible.
  4. "In kind" items such as video equipment, blank DVDs, mailing supplies, office supplies, postage, storage cases, microphone stands, microphones,  (anything, really).
  5.  Volunteer time - you can do as little or as many hours of volunteer time as you wish.  Instruction available if you'd like to learn the technical side like running a camera, sound, or editing.
  6. Provide space for productions- an empty garage could be used for a "news set,"  a back yard with a "view," a model train with elaborate buildings, tiny town, etc. could be the set for a children's show.
  7. Your programming ideas.  One idea can set into motion the creation of a wonderful series of programs.  Think outside of the box.  With the advent of "reality TV," nothing seems to be impossible.

Contact us if you have something in mind.  Thanks for being part of YOUR community access television!